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School Profile


Chung-Hwa School of Arts which is located in the Museum of Fine Arts Area has a graceful environment full of artistic atmosphere and employs many best-known art workers who instruct students on campus, provide them opportunities to see and learn in person from the creating process of the masters.  With focusing on characteristics of each individual, Chung-Hwa School of Arts encourages students to develop skills in their fields according to their abilities and traits.

Partnership with domestic and international colleges increases chances for students to advance in a higher school and recommend our graduators to get further education abroad. Also, setting up various scholarships attracts more well-performed newcomers for admission. Besides, cooperation with well-known media and performance groups arrange internship for students in order to combine teaching and practice.

Equipped with dormitory for faraway students boarding in school, several supervisors take charge of life consult and dormitory management. There is a cafeteria which offers nutritious lunch for students.


Features of School


  • Scholarship of 30 million dollars for three years.

  • Students with artistic tendency can register our school without district limitation and learn happily with their traits.

  • Running a cafeteria and a convenience shop of our own. Full-time security guards to provide strict management for boarding on campus day and night.

  • Aside from an art museum, enjoying thoroughly its resources and inviting art profession from all fields to teach on campus.

  • Cooperating internship with famous television channels, media and performance groups and seeking for more chances of industry-academic cooperation.

  • Enhancing abilities of multiple development by versatile student clubs.

  • A cross-fielded art school subscribes courses between departments.

  • A creative campus cultivates students to obtain abilities of project practice and performance.

  • Counseling students to get skill certificate grade B and C and certificate of busker to accommodate with the trend.

  • Grade 10-12 academic and skilled curriculum and alliance with domestic and international colleges offer ways to get in higher education.


Learning Advancement


    1. Certificate: Counseling students to get skill certificate grade B and C and certificate of busker to accommodate with the trend.

    2. Advancement to a higher education abroad: alliance with many colleges provides information of international colleges and language learning services.

    3. Advancement to a higher education domestically: offering varied counseling programs and assisting students to attend college through different channels.

    4. For employment: establishing up basic digital concepts by teaching resource center of arts integrating teaching and providing chances for internship and performance out of school to promote career development.



Superior Advantages of Our School are as follows:


About Graphical Surroundings


  • Living surroundings and qualities of culture in Kaohsiung have been improved enormously. Chung-Hwa School of Arts are not only beside Kaohsiung art museum and Nei-Wei-Pi Cultural Park Area but also two minutes away from Love River side on foot and straight to the music center which is going to be built up. Besides, not far away from Wei-Wu-Inn Cultural Arts Area, our school indeed possesses the remarkable cultural advantages.

  • To commute by High Speed Rail and Kaohsiung MRT allows more than half of our students free from time consuming of changing transportation and benefits interflow of teaching resources.

  • Equipped with dormitory for boys and girls and located in the front row of art museum, our school has the incredibly excellent living environment in the real-estate market.

  • Near Lung-Mei Junior High School which has been starting building up, forming a continuous district.


About School Scale


  • Our school is the only cross-field comprehensive art school with visual and performance arts, being the most unique and complete art school.

  • There are six departments and 27 classes, divided into two art categories:


Visual Arts: Fine Arts Department (including group of plastic arts and group of visual communication design), Multimedia Animation Department and Fashion Craft Department, 14 classes in total.

Performing Arts: Music Department (including group of western music, group of Chinese traditional music and group of popular applied music), Dance Department and Film and Drama Department (including group of performing arts, group of performing application and group of mass communication), 12 classes in total.


  • Thanks to modern trend, artistic fields not only cross boundary, aiding development of digital sci-tech but reach out to daily life, constituting the innovative industry.

  • Every departments of our school which gather each artistic fields into the same campus are fundamentally rooted and students learn the resources at all times, enjoying complete efficiency of multiple learning.


About Schools Facilities


  • All the classrooms are loaded air conditioners, full of wild spaces and sunlight; the learning environment is pretty cozy.

  • There are 3 professional classrooms of craft, used for glass, pottery and mosaic, 1 professional classroom for metal craft, 1 for stereoscopic craft, 3 for sketching, water color and oil painting and 1 for engraving. Also, there are 1 classroom for PC graphic design, 1 Mackintosh computer classroom, 1 hand drawn animation production classroom, 1 computer drawing classroom with high class workstation. Besides, there are 1 professional audio recording room, professional equipments for film editing and film making, professional image editors, digital film editing monitors…, etc and so as an integrated arts resource center of digital multimedia which used for students’ production and teachers’ teaching to substantiate practicing power of creation.

  • There are 3 professional dance classrooms, a rehearsal room, 30 piano rooms, 40 pianos, Chinese traditional and western percussion instruments, professional music equipments, Chinese traditional and western orchestral instruments and 3 sets of professional stereo facility offering learning environment to teachers and students.


Compositions of Teachers Quality


  • Plenty of professions in every artistic fields and abundant teaching achievements of schoolwork and artistic skills

  • Young average age among teachers, representing full of vitality, thriving, potential and development.

  • Entirely well-established personnel related affair, functioning actively and positively; for example, the Teacher Evaluation Committee and the Personnel   Recruiting Committee.

  • Full time qualified and well-experienced school teachers, particularly in high proportion of Master’s degree.


Qualities of Students


  • Students from all over the country, having quality of artistic composition, interests and talents.

  • A great amount of conserving humanities arts and good creative competence.

  • Being enthusiastic to art professional learning, tenting to obtain skills in a high proportion.


Parental Participation


  • Active participation for every school activities and community services.

  • Well-organized parental committee, having associated common sense with each other and being helpful to school.

  • Coming at least one of the parental committee eating lunch with students and supervising hygiene and safety of the nutritious meals.


Administration Staffs


  • Strong leadership of the principal.

  • Young administrative staffs, being energetic and cultivated.

  • High quality and good efficiency.

  • Open-minded, willing to accept opinions and negotiations.


Neighboring Industry


  • Resources of performing arts in Kaohsiung area are getting enriched such as the existing and the future arts, movies, music and theater. A comprehensive arts school with favorable geographic positions and harmonious relations and further, willing to contribute every segments in the structures of creative industry of cultural arts.



School surroundings

The Campus hallway of 2009 World Games:Ms. Chang Chi visited our school.

The campus hallway of 2009 World Games: the director visits our school.

The campus hallway of 2009 World Games: the 1st floor.
 The campus hallway of 2009 World Games: the 3rdt floor.
The back of the Building for Teaching on the northern campus
East side of the southern campus.
Main gate of the southern campus.
Main gate of the southern campus.
West side of the northern campus.
Building of teaching on northern campus.
Main gate on northern campus.
East side of the Building of teaching on northern campus.
The northern campus: the art gallery.
The northern campus: the Octagonal Square.
The southern campus: school tea restaurant.
Southern campus: inside the main gate.

Southern campus: propagandizing car of 2009 World Games.

Southern campus: sidewalk on Mei-Su-Guan Rd.


Educational Prospect and Goals



Schools background


Due to the ideality of art education, Kaohsiung Chung-Hwa School of Arts was born, located beside Kaohsiung city arts museum in Nei-Wei-Pi Cultural Park Area southern Taiwan. Within a series of experience and striving processes, the school has faithfully reflected the entire Taiwan environment, as a mirror, to cognitive attitudes toward art education and the value of land use.

Twenty years ago, adapting the industrial area to a cultural one, the decision to reform an industry school, founded for over thirty years, to an art school, insisted on the very education of humanities and arts. That was the reason why the school assembled groups of gifted students and teachers altogether, sharing similar genes of potential and talents in diverse areas of arts and showed the aptitude and enthusiasm on this stage of arts.

In addition, owing to the geographical position, located in the cultural area, Chung-Hwa School of Arts firmly transacts education of humanities and arts and reply out loud to the challenges from land protection as well.


The school is never afraid of difficulties, always holds onto the initiate intention, creatively forges ahead to art education and opens a window for humanity practice which leads to continuous managements. It will be a stage full of creating opportunity.




The former of Chung-Hwa School of Arts were “Kaohsiung Chien-Kung Senior Tuition School”, “Kaohsiung Chien-Kung Industrial Vocational High School” and “Kaohsiung Chien-Kung High School”. The founder, Mr. Fu-Cheng Lu, founded the school with donation in 1950 and it is the most age-old private school in Kaohsiung history.


Our founder, Mr. Lu who was born in 1911 studied abroad in Japan in his early age and returned home after serving many years in Japanese industrial business.  On the basis of his enthusiasm to industry education, he founded Kaohsiung Chien-Kung Senior Tuition School with little savings by himself and set up Mechanical Drawing Department and Mechanical Engineering Department.


Mr. Lu worked as a principal and a teacher as well. After that, the school gained superior achievements so that it won praises and supports again from the ministry of education; therefore, being upgraded to “Kaohsiung Chien-Kung Industrial Vocational High School” in 1953. Besides, not until 1962 did the school reform as “Kaohsiung Chien-Kung High School” because of the governmental policy for general education. Later on, a daughter of Mr. Lu, Mz. Hui-Mei Lu took charge of the School Board. Concerning the spirit and connotation of art education benefit the realization of a harmonious society and inspire sensibility, spiritual and creativity of individuals, in 1988, the school reformed to Kaohsiung Chung-Hwa School of Arts which inherits ideality and spirit of the founder for school operation.


In the early years of Chung-Hwa School of Arts, Kaohsiung city government programmed Nei-Wei-Pi area as a cultural area in the rescheduled section 44. Been through the ten-year crisis and agony that the school land was prohibited by law from construction and was levied, the School Board asserted nonstop to protect the school from the local authorities to the central ones and thus, the declarations had been accumulated up to a great deal of pages. To maintain the existing school land, let art education be rooted in this place.           
Regardless of the benefits, in 1986, the School Board requested the city government to modify the school land in the rescheduled section for residence and business to a land for school use, insisting on transacting art education with strong determination. Once in 1997, all school teachers and students went to the city hall, sitting quietly to protest our rights; in the end, the city government ceased the crisis of prohibition for construction for many years.

In the same year, due to the legalization of the Art Education Law and according to its regulations, Chung-Hwa School of Arts first set up its affiliated junior high school and elementary school in 1999. Looking forward to cultivate the generation of citizens with creativity, integration, abilities of thinking and problem resolving in the global, informational, multiple and democratic trend.


 Chung-Hwa School of Arts, a miracle itself, capable of standing firmly in Nei-Wei-Pi Cultural Park Area, southern Taiwan enters its 21st year. There are Fine-Arts Department, Music Department, Dance Department, Film and Drama Department, Performing Arts, Mass Communication, Multimedia Animation, Fashion Craft and students of Bilingual Arts Elementary School Department from all over the country gathering together. In the atmosphere of the whole Taiwanese education of humanities and arts, it’s much more precious.


Chung-Hwa School of Arts is the only cross-field comprehensive school of humanities and arts. Every senior high students are able to take courses different from their own among departments and in this omnifarious artistic environment, they are unobtrusively influenced. Their creativity, imagination, comprehension and cultivation of creative thinking are incomparable to that of single art class affiliated in public schools or other vocational schools. The unique advantages lead a learning fashion of the future field interflow and concept of digital platform. This also urges our school to recommend the traits actively to the public and further, an impetus source penetrates into communities and daily life of citizens’.


As to the elementary school, based on the ideas for putting broad senses of education of humanities and arts into the Compulsory Education and also considering international environment, many-sided needs and the importance of ministry promulgated curricula, our school combines English and arts with the ministry promulgated curricula with the entire projects of the three-in-one direction. Prospects for children of elementary school department to be rooted in basic nutrients in broad senses of humanities, connotation of arts and English and cultural cultivation and let them settle developments for a long time in their first learning of life.


Chung-Hwa School of Arts possesses professional and marvelous teacher qualifications and nourishes a lot of artistic seeds spreading throughout the country and growing up for many years. This puts extraordinarily mental and physical efforts into domestic education of arts and makes our living surroundings more harmonious and permeated with cultural, artistic breathes. Chung-Hwa School of Arts persists in transacting art education and extends the broad senses of art education to the service learning, life, character and life education. The school has its respectable importance to the advancement of Taiwanese environment.


Chung-Hwa School of Arts
Address/ No.89, Art Gallery Rd., Gushan Dist., Kaohsiung City 804, Taiwan
TEL/(07)554-9696 | FAX/(07)554-6749


Last Updated: May 2010